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Pepper Jelly | Mayhaw Jelly | Spicy Blush Jelly | Hot Lava Finishing Sauce

       Every jar of jelly that Noni's Kitchen sells is a symbol of appreciation for my mom, "Noni"! It was in October of 2017 when I asked my mom if she would begin selling her family-famous Jellies. I watched her make these Jellies my whole life, and give it away to friends, family, and the community during the holidays. I thought we could start a small operation, and sell the Jellies together to make it fun. Needless to say what started out as a small operation has ended up much bigger much faster than anticipated! We are currently providing numerous restaurants/stores/meat markets with the mouth watering tastes of our unmatched high quality Jellies/Fruit Preserves. For me, Noni's Kitchen is more than a business; it will be an empire one day. My mom has worked so hard and always goes above and beyond for everyone else. This is to show my mom she is appreciated and that her Jellies are second to none. This is for my daughter to see her mom doing something for herself and not working for other people. For me, Noni's Kitchen is so much more than a business.  It is a chance to not only show my mom how amazing her recipes are, but also a chance for my daughter to see that she can do anything she has an interest in, as long as she has the determination and puts in the hard work! 


From my family to yours, we appreciate your business so much!


Tori Frith


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